Vision of Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa):

Excellent in Education, Strong in Science

Missions of Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa):

  1. To conduct education and learning centered on students by using effective instructional approaches, and optimizing the use of technology
  2. To conduct researches in educational sciences, natural sciences, social and cultural sciences, arts, and/or sports, and developments of technologies whose findings are beneficial for the development of sciences and public welfares
  3. To disseminate science, technology, arts, culture and sports, and research results through community service oriented towards empowering and civilizing society
  4. To realize Unesa an educational center, especially for primary and secondary educations as well as a scientific center based on the noble values of national culture
  5. To conduct an autonomous, accountable, and transparent high educational governance for a sustainable quality assurance and improvemen


Vision of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMNS):

Excellent* in Education on Mathematics and Natural Science, Strong* in Mathematics and Natural Science Studies in 2035 Extended Vision of FMNS:

  1.  Excellent in innovation of mathematics and natural science education.
  2. Strong in mathematics and natural science studies and their applications for strengthening mathematics and natural science education (wider mandate).
  3. Excellent in global competition.
  4. Excellent in graduates having environmental-minded and entrepreneurial spirit.

* “excellent” means to be innovative, competitive, and always trying to improve quality. “strong” means to work systematically, methodically, and objectively, to support the excellence of the studies in mathematics and natural sciences.

Missions of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMNS):

  1.  To conduct innovative and research-based mathematics and natural science education to produce graduates who are environmentally minded, entrepreneurial in spirit and have global competitiveness.
  2. To conduct researches on mathematics and natural sciences to strengthen both the studies being recognized nationally and internationally and mathematics and natural science education.
  3. To conduct research-based community services to support community welfare.
  4. To build a strong network of collaborations with stakeholders to improve the quality and image of FMNS.
  5. To conduct an autonomous, credible, fair, accountable, and transparent governance for quality assurance and quality improvement in FMNS.


The Vision of Undergraduate Program of Chemistry Education (UPCE) :

Becomes an excellent, competitive, and becomes a reference for the other chemistry learning institution at national level in the development of science and human resources in the field of chemistry education with an environmental insight

The Missions of Undergraduate Program of Chemistry Education (UPCE)

  1. Conducting academic education in the field of research-based chemistry education and global competencies with environmental insight.
  2. Carry out innovative research and development in the field of chemistry education.
  3. Dedicating expertise in the field of chemistry education to empower the community.
  4. Building a cooperation network with various institutions or agencies and stakeholders for the sustainability of study programs.
  5. Realize a credible, transparent, accountable, responsible and fair governance of  study program governance.